lundi 17 janvier 2011

Be Don Draper (ou pas)

Il est créa dans une agence de publicité new yorkaise, il a un succès incontestable auprès des femmes, il a une femme magnifique, il collectionne les maîtresses, il vit dans les années 50...Oui, vous l'avez peut-être deviné, il s'agit du fameux personnage de la (géniale) série Mad Men, Donald Draper. Le dit-personnage apparaît comme un homme typique des fifties intègre et chevaleresque, mais avant tout un homme très mystérieux, qui ment à tout le monde et sur tout, collectionne les aventures, en y mettant fin (ou pas) quand ça l'arrange.

Et pourtant, entre nous, on l'adore toutes !
Mon Charmant me le dit depuis longtemps, les filles aiment les mufles...Et force est de constater, que oui, un peu...

Alors vous voulez connaitre ses secrets pour séduire ?
Voici une petite vidéo (à ne pas suivre à la lettre)
Step 1:
When in doubt, remain absolutely silent.
Step 2:
When asked about your past give vague, open ended answers.
Step 3:
Have a great name.
Step 4:
Look fantastic in a suit
Looks fantastic in casual wear
Look fantastic in anything
Sound good
Smell good
Kiss good
Strut around with supreme confidence
Be uncannily successful at your job
Blow people away everytime you say anything
Take six hour lunches
Disappear for weeks at a time
Lie to everyone about everything
Drink and smoke constantly
…basically be Don Draper

Si vous souhaitez des conseils personnalisés, allez faire un petit tour sur le site What would Don Draper do ? qui distribue de (plus ou moins) bons conseils pour devenir le parfait mâle des fifties.

Quelques morceaux choisis : 
93. Don't let her leave the house dresses like that.

87. Judge a secretary by her ability to keep things off your desk.

86. Skip out on fireworks with your family to call your girlfriend. Then head home for a glass of milk.

77. Dear Don Draper, I’m a housewife and find my days depressing and empty. My husband is almost no help with the children. Should I leave him or suffer in silence?
By chance, are you almost no help with his job? Emptiness is a good thing. For relief. Find the depressing part(s) of your day. If it’s the time you spend with your husband, then yes, leave him. If it’s the children, leave them. If it’s just the repetition, the routine of homemaking, hire help and get out of the house. Fill those empty parts of your day with something new: a forgotten passion, a release (have you tried a Relaxicisor?) - maybe a gun. Then return to your family and ask yourself if it’s enough. And if not, must you always be full?
68. Start Sunday with a couple Bloody Marys.

51. Dear Don Draper, A girl smiled at me all the way home from work on the bus last night but I’m not sure if it was because I’m handsome or just a better prospect than the old man sitting next to me who smelled of wee. Any ideas?
No. You should never get ideas from some stoned beatnik’s hazy grin. Additionally, you shouldn’t ride the bus. Or sit next to old men who smell of piss. Have you ever seen a lantern-jawed winner on the bus, brimming with false modesty? You haven’t. Just poor people with poor habits. 

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ahaha! ça donnerait presque envie de rester célibataire :-)